August 12, 2020

KAPITA Hosted an Angel Investment Webinar in collaboration with the World Bank

In July 2020, KAPITA successfully hosted a webinar in collaboration with The World Bank Group on Early Stage Investments, for KAPITA’s Iraqi Angel Investors network. The facilitators introduced some of the fundamental concepts and approaches around angel investing, along with common practises and techniques for getting started and improving the overall investment experience.

The two-hour session was led by Aun Rahman, a Global Specialist in Finance Competitiveness & Innovation MENA, for the World Bank and by Jeremy Bauman, Lead Consultant in Finance Competitiveness & Innovation MENA. The session was attended by KAPITA’s Angel Network.

Angel investing is quite challenging, it requires both time and money and it is high risk. In developed markets, and increasingly in emerging markets, angel investors often band together to invest, thus sharing the workload and reducing risk. Collectively, angel networks seek to consolidate the knowledge, networks and resources of individual angels to make better informed decisions and improve the odds of success by supporting companies’ post-investment. Thereby, the session focused on four key aspects:

What is Angel Investing and the role of angel capital
Who gets involved in Angel Investing
Structured Angel Investment and Key success factors
The importance of Due Diligence

This webinar is one of many sessions that KAPITA will be providing for the Iraqi Angel Investors Network.